A Hypnotic gastric band is a psychological procedure that convinces your unconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted. It retrains your mind to listen to the body when it signals that it is full so you will feel completely satisfied by much smaller portions of food.

You will still get all the nourishment your body needs. You will have less room for food in your stomach you will feel full sooner the ‘full’ feeling will be clear and urgent You are very likely to experience changes in your food preferences.

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Problems Helped

 Anxiety & Stress

The flight or fight response was very useful to our ancestors to stay alive. It is a natural reaction to personal threat, fight for your life or run away.

During periods of real danger it can be very useful, although the threats to us today are not fleeing from sabre-toothed tigers but are more likely to be financial worries, problems at work, relationships
ect.. your body will produce the adrenaline,  breathing rate can increase, as can blood pressure, perspiration may increase, you may experience digestive changes, tense muscles & butterflies in the stomach.

Phobias are one of the most common reasons people come for hypnotherapy. You are not born with a phobia; it is a learned behaviour which causes irrational thoughts and reactions

We all experience fear, this is necessary for survival but if that fear is
an irrational fear, then it is a phobic response.​​

There can be all sorts of fears around quitting;

Will I put on weight?

If this is a worry for you I can work with you to help you control your eating habits so that the only habit you replace smoking with is healthy living.

Smoking helps me to manage stress, how will I cope?

Nicotine increases your heart rate and your blood pressure causing you to release stress hormones.

What about withdrawal symptoms?

Some people have no withdrawal symptoms at all, I can help you to reduce any withdrawal symptoms you may experience by the use of suggestion to strengthen your physiological recourses.


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These are just a few problems hypnotherapy can help with, for more information on other problems please get in contact.

​All of these reactions increase our readiness for action, but then we don’t take flight, as far as your body is concerned this is a bit like if you were driving a car and had your foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time…. result, breakdown.

Hypnotherapy helps make positive changes to your body’s responses, by calming the mind, releasing the muscle tensions, this turns down the biochemical responses that resulted from the fight or flight response. Of course we all experience anxiety at some time, but with hypnotherapy you can learn how to manage it.

With hypnotherapy I can use a regression technique to find out the cause of the phobia. For some people this is enough, just simply understanding how the phobia developed and altering your perception of it can be extremely effective. Another technique I use is hypno-desensitisation. Usually I use a combination of both. Living with a phobia can have such a debilitating effect on your life and just a few sessions of hypnotherapy can make such a difference…Imagine your life without the phobia, how different it could be. Come along for a FREE consultation and I can discuss this in more depth with you.

Hypnotherapy however is not magic and very much relies on building up your willpower. If you have the motivation and a genuine desire to quit then hypnotherapy is probably the most effective way to quit and to help you remain a non-smoker.

Smoking is both an addiction and a habit. If you have decided to quit using hypnotherapy then come along for a FREE consultation. Its best to choose a time when your life is relatively stable with no major events coming up.

Hypnotherapy is not just about helping you to quit, but about helping you to remain a non- smoker.