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​“Natures cunning way of having many lives” For not a single leaf
falls from the branch of a tree without first having formed first
forming a bud, and with it the guarantee of a new life in the spring.


Past life regression therapy is a technique used in hypnotherapy that works with a person’s belief in reincarnation, although you do not have to believe in reincarnation for this type of therapy to be effective.

There are many theories other than reincarnation that can explain past life memories. Some people believe that the memories are stored in our DNA, others believe these memories are shared by everyone in the collective unconscious, this comes from Jungian psychology. Others say we create the memories in our unconscious mind, a metaphor, to enable us to solve present day issues.​​

Past Life Regression

​Many people believe that a trauma from a past life is affecting them in this lifetime. Past life regression therapy can help resolve that past life trauma, therefore resolving the issues in their current lifetime.

You may have had vivid dreams that you feel come from a past life, or feel drawn to a certain country or culture, or a particular period in history. It may be that you feel a very strong connection to a person in this lifetime that you feel you have known before or you may just be simply curious to discover who you were before you came into this life.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to explore your past life, or whatever your belief system, a journey into your past life is a fascinating experience. You may be the opposite sex; you may meet people from your current lifetime from your soul group.

I offer a FREE consultation and will explain the process thoroughly to you, before you make the decision to proceed with a past life regression.